Valencia Brown

My Story

It started with a picture of elephants. "My grandson, who was 5-years old at the time, loved the portrait of the three animals of elephants that adorned the walls of our home, But I grew tired of looking at those elephants on the wall.  One day my husband who worked in construction, brought home a piece of layered composition known as slate, I accidently dropped it, causing the slate to shatter.  Instead of throwing away the pieces, I was struck with inspiration.  By taking the pieces of that shatter slate stone and working them  into the same frame that housed the elephants, a new era of my life began.  After creating the two-dimensional artwork and hanging it on the wall, many friends began to admire it and wanted to know the name of the Artist that created such a beautiful piece of art.  I looked to God for spiritual guidance and soon I created several abstract slate stone framed art.  Each piece skillfully crafted and individually unique.  Now when I look at that piece of art at home.
I say to myself...
"Those elephants are still underneath that slate".

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